There’s Work To Be Done!!!!!!

Time to answer the call!  Have you ever had an idea; one that got you really fired up and excited, but for some reason you didn’t follow through?  That happens to me all the time!  It’s an awful feeling.  I’ve written stories, put them down and never looked at them again.  I’ve half-thought up characters and never used them for anything.  Such a waste… such a waste of brain power.  But NO MORE!! My brain fires synapses and tells me things for a reason.  When an idle daydream drifts into my head, some greater power beyond my comprehension is telling me that I must make that daydream into reality!  I made a video this weekend.  My first animated video (YAY!)  It literally took me 48 hours to make -_-.  But I’m happy.  In it are a number of characters from stories that I have not completed yet.  Some of these stories I want to turn into graphic novels and cartoon series, some of them are film projects.  All of them must be made.  So I guess in a way (other than practice) this video is my declaration.  My promise to myself and to you, dear friends, that these *seemingly* nameless characters will become a part of reality! And ultimately a part of culture!  Who’s excited?!  I AM!!!! ^_^  Yippee another fine day to use my brain!!!!!  Enjoy the video friends.  We will talk again soon!